Welcome to the Art Lounge!

Welcome to ABD’s Art Lounge!

In this place I (ABD) will be sharing with you, those little anecdotes,  doodles, ideas and concepts that accompany the creation of every creative project.

Here you’ll have an insight on how I personally create, and maybe in the process learn a bit more about your favorite characters and stories.

Here we’re even going to have a space for those doodles and silly ideas that simply don’t fit anywhere else and that artists have all the time. All those small, but very important things that not everyone appreciates that together allow for the creation of greater things.

Hope you can enjoy all the content that will be posted here. It is my wish that everyone can enjoy this small share my mind and soul expressed through art!

So, without further explanation, be welcome to this space! And hopefully you’ll find the stuff in this site, interesting and fun.

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