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As of today, February of 2019, I am presently working on three main projects. Three comics called respectively: Moonlace, Bethellium and C-chan’s a Catgirl!

The main content on this site, the juicy part, are the posts related to those three comics. Stuff such as sketches, scripts, reference sheets and general concept art generated during their creation. As I get to work on more projects, I’ll also post stuff related to them. But for the moment, it will be only content related to my main three comics.

So, in order to maintain regular updates on all the cases, I’m also keeping an active Patreon account, where you can help me with a few bucks every month so everything stays up an running.


Most posts on this site will be restricted to active Patrons on the $10 tier. I believe it’s a great reward for people who are very interested on the comes and goes that happen while I create my comics.

Just $10 every month to support the creation of my comics gets you instant access to this growing archive of stories and side content generated while I work on them. And of course, also to the rewards of all the lower tiers, such as early access, hi-res files, streaming sessions, ask the character sessions and much more!

I’ll leave a few posts open for everyone to check out. If you want to see more, you’re welcome to join us at Patreon and keep talking about these stories and characters that you probably like by now!

And of course, either if you decide to support me or not, I just want to say thanks for following my comics! In the end, the most important thing, is that these comics can be read by many people around the world and liked by them. That’s always the biggest reward of them all!

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